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Free Assistance choosing a Community

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There are agencies that will assist the senior and/or their loved ones for free in the search for a senior facility that matches their needs and budgets. Typically these agencies have financial arrangements in place so that the communities that do participate actually pay a type of "finders fee" to the agency

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Simplifying the Daily Routine for those with Dementia

Simple daily activities for a loved one suffering with dementia can become far more confusing or complicated than ever before. Sometimes activities as simple as getting dressed or planning to leave the house can seem almost insurmountable, causing unneeded stress and turmoil for all. Try these simple suggestions to see if they help. Simplify Instructions and […]

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Is it Time to Consider Assisted Living or Professional Senior Care Facilities in Jacksonville?

Making the decision to move a parent or loved one into assisted living can be filled with emotion and stress. It is one of the hardest and most heart-wrenching decisions you will ever need to make, and knowing when it’s time to make the decision to move into a professional Senior Care facility is probably […]

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Recognizing the Difference between Normal Age-Related Memory Loss and Dementia

We all forget things almost every day. We’ve all forgotten items at the grocery store, mislaid our eye glasses and key, forget to call someone back, or have trouble recalling the name of last night’s movie. No big deal, that’s normal age-related memory loss, affectionately known as a “senior moment”.” But there is a point […]

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