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Behavioral Health Providers In Jacksonville

Behavioral Health

These categories of agitation consist of: physically aggressive behaviors, physically nonaggressive behaviors and verbally aggressive behaviors. When these behaviors manifest it creates a great challenge to the family or in home caregiver and are indicators of the emotional state of the senior. As the senior continues to age these behaviors can correlate to a decrease in cognitive function. Many studies have shown significant improvemen

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Worried About Alzheimer’s and Dementia? 10 Questions You Should Ask

We can all be forgetful, but how do you know when it’s time to start having discussions about the possibility of Alzheimer’s or dementia? Your loved one’s needs will change as they progress in their later years, and even more drastically so if they are struggling with early-stage dementia or Alzheimer’s. The state of their […]

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Things to Look for in Early, Middle and Late Stages of Alzheimer’s – Dementia Care

Assessing Early Stage Dementia Care Needs: If your loved one is living independently with early stage dementia or Alzheimer’s you will need to assess their changing care needs on a regular basis. Listed below are things to look for each time you visit their home. ü  Is your loved one eating regular nutritious meals? ü  […]

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Jacksonville Assisted Living Communities For Your Loved One?

It’s no secret that when your aging loved ones are living in their own home the endless tasks of daily life are never done. Cooking, cleaning, home and gardening maintenance, setting appointments, going to the doctor, grocery and pharmacy are just a few of the numerous tasks that need to be done, almost every day. […]

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