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Why You Need Respite Care

It can be difficult to make the decision to send your loved one to an assisted living or nursing home facility, which is why many people choose instead to care for their aging family members at home. However, while rewarding, family caregiving can be highly demanding and stressful. It’s important to include a plan for respite care when considering the care of your family member. There are many Jacksonville respite care options to help alleviate some of the most common challenges for caregivers.

The Most Common Challenges to Caregiving

One of the most commonly-heard complaints from caregivers involves their lack of time. Carving time from their own sleep, careers and hobbies, as well as from other family members, can leave a caregiver feeling stretched too thin. Daily caregiving can also have an emotional toll on the family care provider. Mental well-being is affected, potentially increasing feelings of isolation or depression as the caregiver spends more time at home. The financial strain can increase stress as well. Not only are most family caregivers unpaid, but their duties can also negatively impact their paying jobs.

How Respite Care Helps Caregivers

Utilizing a respite care facility in Jacksonville can not only put personal time back in your bucket, but give you a break from the daily caregiver demands of dressing, bathing, and personal hygiene tasks. Including respite care in an in-home care or hospice care plan can relieve stress, renew energy and still give families peace of mind that their loved ones are being cared for in a safe and professional environment. Adult day care facilities work similarly, in that they provide the same health monitoring and nutrition, while incorporating much-needed socialization for your elderly family member.

Respite Care and Adult Day Care as a Transition to Assisted Living

There may come a time when the family can no longer provide the level of care necessary for their loved one. Utilizing respite or adult day care can be a way to slowly introduce your senior to the idea of regular outside care, or even help them consider the benefits of companionship and activity that others in a nursing home or assisted living facility in Jacksonville can provide.

To find respite care facilities and adult day services in Jacksonville, Orange Park or St. Augustine areas, visit our guides.

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