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Transitioning to Assisted Living or Nursing Homes Facilities

Moving to a senior care facility can be a daunting task filled with emotion and stress. Although your loved one may have moved several times throughout their life, this move is an entirely different experience for all involved.  It’s understandable that many seniors fear moving from a family home and lifetime of memories to a smaller setting within an assisted living or nursing home. It’s important to remember that moving to a senior care facility will lead to gained independence, improved care, and quality of life for your loved one, and will proved peace of mind to your entire family.

Tip’s for Make a Successful Move to a Senior Living Community in Jacksonville

Communicate, Communicate, and Communicate More

Have an open and honest discussion with your loved one and other family members about the reasons for the move. Listen to concerns, address fears and respect everyone’s feelings. Ask family friends, clergy, physicians and the care community you are considering for advice on the mental aspects and logistics of making the move. Work as a team to overcome fears and strive to relieve any anxieties your loved one, or others might be feeling.

Planning a Successful Senior Care Facility Move

  • Establish a realistic timeline and how the move will take place.
  • What about pet? Some senior care facilities accept them.
  • Are family members or professional moves the best option to make the physical move.
  • Who will be responsible for decluttering the home?
  • Who will be responsible for listing and selling the home?
  • Who will help identify the items your love one will want to take and use on a daily basis?
  • Who will do the packing and unpacking?
  • Who will be decorating of the new space?
  • Will you need buy any new items, like appropriately size furniture for the new home.
  • Where should your loved one be on moving day, and who will be with them?
  • Talk with your Assisted Living or Nursing Homes They have years of experience with resident moves, and can provide great incite to the all of the above.
  • Looking at the big picture, by focusing on what will be gained rather than the physical items that may be lost will help your loved one and entire family through this transition.

Allow Time for Adjustment

Adjusting to a new home environment and all the social opportunities a senior community provides can require a period of adjustment. Be patient, this adjustment period may take some time, so it’s important that your family provides reassurance during this time and that your loved one keeps an open mind.

During this time of transition, it’s important that you and your family continue to visit regularly, supporting the move and encouraging independence without too much hand-holding. Show your caring and support by coming for lunch or dinner or to participate in a planned activity. Engage your loved one in meaningful conversation and make it a point to meet and interact with their new resident friends. Talk with the staff about your loved one is settling in and of course their ongoing care.

Trust Your Senior Care Community

Care provides will be working to keep your loved one involved, healthy and happy. They will strive to establish both staff and resident relationships and will try to have your loved one settled into their new life style quickly.

Once the move has taken place, seniors often feel and express a sense of relief. Many feel the great weight of owning and maintaining a home has been lifted and appreciate the benefits of round the clock care and the increased social interactions they are enjoying in their Senior Care Community. 

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