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Transitioning Those with Dementia to Assisted Communities in Jacksonville, St. Augustine and Orange Park

When your loved one with Alzheimer’s or dementia needs more care than can be provided at home, it’s time to consider a round the clock, supervised memory care community Professional memory care communities offer an improved quality of life for residents and peace of mind for their friends and family.

Memory care environments are designed for those that require help with any stage of Alzheimer’s or dementias, but still want a level of independence. They provide a safe and secure place for a trained and professional staff to care for those with memory loss issues. Typically, memory care communities have 24-hour support, private and semi-private rooms, with lovely interior environments as well as an inviting outdoor space, these areas are secured so your loved one can wander…but not too far!

Those with memory challenges, often respond well to small, home-like domestic-style environments with personalized services as opposed to larger more impersonal care community.

Questions to Ask when Determining if Dementia Care is the Correct Option:

  • Has the person with dementia become unsafe in their current home?
  • Is their health or the health of the caregiver at risk?
  • Are the care needs beyond your physical abilities?
  • Is everyone becoming stressed, irritable and impatient?
  • Are you neglecting yourself, your work, and your family?
  • Would the structure and social interaction at a care community benefit your loved one?

Making a Smooth Transition:

There are other important factors to consider when evaluating a potential dementia or Alzheimer’s care environment. It’s most important to be honest with the dementia sufferer, and any involved family members. Try to communicate information about the move in a positive, supportive and non-threatening way. Making the decision to move a loved one into a professional care community can be an emotional and stressful experience. Don’t feel guilty; instead remember that the move will benefit the well-being of your loved one.

You will probably need to visit several different Jacksonville Assisted Living/Memory Care communities before selecting the one that’s best suited to your needs. Create a list of all your questions and don’t hesitate to ask them.

Things to Consider

  • Is the staff warm, welcoming and experienced in memory care?
  • Do they provide a personalized approach to patient care?
  • Are family members asked to become involved in care-planning and reviews?
  • Are residents allowed to make choices about their daily activities and routine?
  • Does the facility offer specialized medical support?
  • Do they offer individual as well as group activities?
  • What is the staff to resident ratio, both day and at night?
  • Is the facility clean and secure?
  • Is the food well prepared and nutritional?
  • To encourage visits, is the care facility close to family and friends?
  • Are visiting hours flexible for family members?
  • Can overnight stays and holidays with the family be easily arranged?
  • Does the staff request relevant information about your loved one, including life story and interests?
  • What is the policy regarding end-of-life care?
  • Is the fee structure fully explained?
  • What additional costs may be incurred? Example: exercise therapy or hairdressing?

Create a Welcoming Space:

Once a care community decision has been made, you will want to decorate the new space like a home. Move in items with personal meaning – hang favorite pictures, include a favorite chair, doing all you can to create a familiar and comfortable living experience.

Keeping in touch is very important for a smooth transition, encourage and help your loved one to socialization with other residents and the entire staff. When you visit, attend in-house activities engaging with and meeting as many people as possible.

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