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Talking with Your Loved One about Moving to an Assisted Living or Nursing Home Facilities

Noticing changes in your loved one’s behavior, mental agility or physical health could signal that it’s time to discuss a move to a senior care facility.  However, talking to your loved one about relocation can be an extremely sensitive subject, but it’s a step you must take if you’re concerned about their overall health and ongoing daily care. Making the decision to relocate can be overwhelming, so it’s important to include your loved one in as many aspects of the relocation as possible. This will give them a sense of control, because they helped make the decision.

When having the conversation, it’s important to be a good listener and respectful of your loved ones feelings. Your loved one should know that you care about their opinion, health and well-being and that you are looking for the best care and life style options available.

Talking with Your Loved One about Moving to an Assisted Living or Nursing Home FacilitiesAssisted Living and Nursing Home Facilities in Jacksonville Provide Quality Care to Improve Health and Quality of Life:

We are fortunate to have so many quality care communities available to seniors here in greater Jacksonville, Orange Park and St Augustine. Moving to one of these care facilities will provide your loved one with round the clock professional care and supervision in a safe and secure environment. Assisted Living and Nursing Homes provide help with medications, provide nutritional meals and snacks, housekeeping, and offer planned events and socialization, all tailored to the individual’s physical and mental abilities.

A talk about relocating to an assisted living or nursing home community should tactfully address any concerns about moving from away from the family home, loss of independence and any fears of isolation. It’s also appropriate to mention that as the primary caregiver, you are concerned about your ability to provide all of their needed care requirements. A move to a professional care facility will allow you to spend “quality time” together, instead of worrying about the round the clock care.

Schedule Several Visits:

While highlighting the positives, offer to visit a number of local Jacksonville senior care facilities together. Schedule an appointment to tour the entire facility, have a meal, and meet as many residents as possible. Allow enough time to meet staff members and to see how they relate to your loved one. Ask questions about regular daily care, any special care requirements, staff to resident ratio, planned activities and special events, transportation to appointments, church, shopping and field trips. This will allow your loved one to become comfortable with the idea of a move and to see how current resident are enjoying their life style, without needing to worry about day to day care, and the hassles of home ownership and maintenance.

To make future visits with your loved one convenient for everyone, you’ll want to consider care facilities that are conveniently located to family members and friends. You may or may not want to involve your loved one in business discussions about resident agreements, contracts or financial obligations.

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