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Making a Smooth Transition to Assisted Living


Once you’ve selected an assisted living community, don’t delay the process of downsizing the current home. Downsizing can be a difficult and emotional time, especially if your loved one has collected a lifetime of memories and cherished possessions in their home. Include your loved one in the decision about what to move, but keep in mind what will and will not fit into the new space. Start early and create a plan to tackle one room at a time.




Make the new space feel like home

While many seniors choose to furnish their assisted living suite with brand new furniture, it’s a good idea to include some decorations and treasured items from your loved one’s previous home into the new living space. Involve your senior in selecting the things that will create a comfortable living environment and lifestyle in their new environment. Bring personal items that have a special meaning to your loved one, such as that special chair or table, as well as cherished pictures, books, and keepsakes. Decorating their new space with familiar belongings will help your loved one to quickly feel settled and comfortable in their new home

Encourage your loved one to socialize

Once your loved one has moved, encourage them to talk part in as many of their senior living community’s social events and planned activities as possible. Getting involved is an excellent way for your loved one to meet their new neighbors, and make new friends. Most communities have a full calendar of events, and outings to suit almost any interest including art and hobby classes, book clubs, card clubs, garden clubs, group fitness classes, and many, many more!



Schedule regular visits and call often

After your loved one has made the move to their assisted living community, it’s important for family members to schedule regular visits to help ease the transition.  Knowing when to expect you will allow then to prepare for your visit and will provide them with a sense of caring and peace of mind. Frequent telephone calls are a great way to keep your loved one involved with family news, but will also allow you to monitor your senior’s well-being. It’s critical to give your loved one enough “alone time” to adjust to their new home and to become involved in the community’s activities, without your involvement.

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