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Is it Time to Seek Help for Alzheimer’s or other forms of Memory Loss?

As we age, it’s normal to have an occasional lapse of memory. However memory loss associated with Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia is more than occasional memory loss. It’s a serious condition that will continue to increase as the disease progresses and one that will affect the overall safety and well-being of your loved one.

Common warning signs that it’s time for help:

Memory Changes – Those with Alzheimer’s, may ask for the same information over and over again, relying heavily on written notes and caregivers for basic information.

Confusion with Time or Place – Those with Alzheimer’s lose track of time and can easily become lost in their own neighborhood, not knowing how they got there or how to get home. This type of disorientation is a serious safety issue.

Easily Distracted – Those with Alzheimer’s tend to be easily distracted causing problems communing, focusing on conversations, reading, and even watching TV. These distractions not only affect regular communications but drastically increase the odds of falling or other injuries.

Word Problems – Everyone has trouble finding the right word sometimes, but a person with Alzheimer’s may forget simple words or substitute words, making their sentences difficult to understand.

Misplacing and Losing Items – Anyone can temporarily misplace an item. A person with Alzheimer’s may put things in inappropriate places, like an iron in the dryer or a can opener under the mattress.

Decreased or Poor Judgment – A person with Alzheimer’s may have decreased judgment, for example not recognizing a medical problem that needs attention or wearing heavy clothing on a hot summer day.

Withdrawal from Conversations and Social Activities – A person with Alzheimer’s or other forms of dementia may become very passive and reluctant to take part in family and social activities.

Health care issues for the primary caregiver – Studies have shown that the health of family caregivers is greatly affected by their caregiving role. A study by the National Alliance for Caregiving linked caregiver stress to: increased risk of cardiovascular disease, hypertension and coronary artery disease in addition to impaired kidney function, lower immune function and slower wound healing. Remember you can take better care of your family when you are physically and emotionally strong. But if your health is diminished, it’s past time to get help in caring for your loved one. Consider starting with respite care for your loved one while you take care of your health.


Professional help for those with Alzheimer’s in Jacksonville:

Improving the daily care and overall lifestyle of memory care residents, Assisted Living and Memory Care Facilities in Jacksonville provide quality care and the physical and mental stimulation in a home-like setting with built-in security and a 24-hour nursing staff. By relieving the daily stress of care-giving, family members can spend quality family time with their loved ones when they visit.

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