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Choosing the Right Nursing Homes in St. Augustine

If you or a loved one is looking for nursing homes in St. Augustine or around Northeast Florida, this may help with the many decisions you face.

Nursing homes, not just in St. Augustine, have become the permanent residence for millions of seniors nationwide requiring round-the-clock care.

This includes those who have significant difficulties with regular daily activates or are in the process of rehabilitation. St. Augustine area nursing homes have evolved into skilled healthcare centers that have not only long-term care patients, but also provide short and long-term patient rehabilitation. In some cases, rehab is provided on an out-patient basis, but the main goal of getting you back to your life as soon as possible, remains the same.

Choosing the Right Nursing Homes in St. Augustine

There is a wide variety of nursing homes and rehabilitation center in St. Augustine and Northeast Florida. While this can make the selection process seem overwhelming, the truth is that you now have a great chance of identifying nursing homes that are perfectly suited to your individual needs and desires.

Things to look for when considering St. Augustine nursing homes:

  • Do they provide 24 hour nursing aides and skilled nurses?
  • Are nurses assigned to particular patients?
  • Is the entire nursing home staff caring and warm?
  • Do you notice that nursing home staff members have developed relationships with individual residents?
  • Are patients treated like family?
  • Do staff members cater to the special emotional and medical needs of the individuals and their families?
  • What are the overall conditions of public spaces, resident rooms and the cleanliness, sanitation, and maintenance of the entire nursing home facility?
  • Do they provide good nutrition every day?
  • Do they provide meaningful patient interaction and activities tailored to the individual?

Who should you talk with?

Ask people you trust, like your extended family, friends, neighbors, or clergy if they have had personal experience with nursing homes in St. Augustine or around Northeast Florida. Ask your doctor if they provide care at any local nursing homes, so you may continue to see your doctor when they visit the nursing home.

OurSeniorsGuide.com is the leading provider of senior lifestyle and wellness information for Northeast Florida. We help seniors looking for nursing homes in St. Augustine find facilities that fit their lifestyle.

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