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Reverse Mortgage Program Changes

As our area’s Reverse Mortgage Specialist for our customers/home owners aged 62 and older: 
I am fully trained and compliant on the new changes 
to the Reverse Mortgage Program 
that took place on October 2nd.


It is still a great program for home owners aged 62 and older to receive extra money from their home for their needs!


Visit my all updated website at: or call me anytime at 904-982-2210! Thank you!


The Top 11 Concerns of Boomers & Seniors About  Aging And Their Health

  1. Running Out Of Money – A reverse mortgage can help.
  2. Inability To Care For Ourselves – A reverse mortgage can help.
  3. Losing Our Mental Abilities
  4. Losing Our Health – A reverse mortgage can help.
  5. Becoming A Family Burden – A reverse mortgage can help.
  6. Ending Up In A Nursing Home – A reverse mortgage can help.
  7. Not Being Able To Drive
  8. Inability To Get Good Healthcare – A reverse mortgage can help.
  9. Inability To Work or Volunteer – A reverse mortgage can help.
  10. Being Left Alone & Lonely – A reverse mortgage can help.
  11. Remodeling and home improvements – A reverse mortgage can help.
  • NEW HUD/FHA RULES – Only one spouse needs to be 62 or older
  • No Loan Repayment Required As Long As You Live in Your Home, pay your taxes and insurance and maintain your home in good condition
  • Retain Full Ownership of Your Home – No debt passed to your children
  • Tax-Free Funds As Long As You Live in Your Home – bank cannot cancel funds like a HELOC
  • Insured By the Federal Government – FHA
  • You and Your Heirs are Protected in Case of Housing Market Declines
  • Past bankruptcy is ok – Credit and income is reviewed under new safer guidelines

Thank you!

John Reardon
Mortgage Consultant/
Reverse Mortgage Specialist
NMLS 555210

Community Mortgage Solutions – Serving St Johns, Duval, Nassau, Clay, Putnam, Flagler and all surrounding Counties.
1030 Palm Coast Parkway Suite 3
Palm Coast, Florida 32137

Cell 904-982-2210

REVERSE MORTGAGES – for Homeowners or Homebuyers aged 62 or



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