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Providing In-Home Care for Jacksonville Seniors

Becoming the caregiver for your loved one or deciding to hire a professional caregiver is a difficult choice and possibly a life changing decision. It’s important to consider all the options when you come to the realization that your loved one can no longer care for themselves safely, or when their healthcare needs become more than you can realistically handle.

Family members often find caregiving a rewarding experience, but beware it can quickly lead to feeling overwhelmed, stressed out, isolated and even cause you to neglect your own happiness.  If you are currently acting as a caregiver and feel that you can no longer meet the in-home responsibilities of caring for your loved one don’t feel guilty. It may be time to consider a professional in-home care provider.

Professional in-home care providers are skilled at providing the things that your loved one requires daily. They help with things bathing, toileting, cooking, eating, appointment setting, laundry and minor home chores, transportation and medications.


Things to do when looking for In-Home Healthcare Providers in Jacksonville, Orange Park, St. Augustine, Amelia Island and Fernandina


  • Ask doctors, nurses, friends, clergy, neighbors, and co-workers for referrals
  • Create a detailed list of all the precise tasks you will need
  • List hours and days that you will need in-home coverage, also address needed holiday coverage
  • Determine the pay hourly pay scale
  • Create a list of questions that will give you a sense of the applicants’ care experiences and personality


Conducting Interviews:

  • Ask candidates to bring a current resume and references
  • Include your loved one in the interview process if possible
  • Describe your loved ones needs, likes and dislikes, health issues, and daily schedule
  • Present a complete list of caregiving duties and proposed coverage schedule
  • Ask candidate about their specific experience dealing with similar issues, hours of availability, driving experience and any special care training they may have
  • Ask for positive proof of identity and current references
  • Try to determine the candidates degree of interest in delivering care for your loved one
  • Invite them to ask specific questions about your loved one and the job responsibilities
  • Keep note of each interview


Check References:

  • Always call references. This will help you confirm your feelings about the candidate and may disclose any important information that you missed
  • Ask about punctuality and attendance as well as their precise duties
  • Ask if the candidate was caring and provided the needed care
  • Ask if they would hire the candidate again


Consider hiring someone for a one-month trial period. Put your entire agreement in writing. Include information about the trial period, care duties, salary and schedule.

You should plan on being at your loved one’s house for the first few days to familiarize the new caregiver with the household, daily routine and to check on the comfort of your loved one.

View In-Home Care Options in Jacksonville, Orange Park, St. Augustine, Amelia Island and Fernandina Beach

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