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Pre-Planning Your Memorial and Burial Arrangements Will Ease the Burden on Your Family

Life involves planning and preparations, and the planning of your final arrangements should be no different. A death in the family is a time of great emotional pain and mourning, the worries of last-minute funeral arrangements and burial services should not become part of the grieving process.

Taking responsibly for planning your memorial and burial arrangements will ease family anxiety and allow your loved ones to focus on celebrating and remembering your life. No one wants to think about their death, but un-hurried, advanced planning will ensure your funeral burial space and final arrangements are carried out on your own terms.

Including your family in this planning process will allow you to consider their thoughts and feelings and make your final wishes known to your family. It’s a loving gesture, which will provide your family with the peace of mind of knowing you will receive your final wishes.

The sudden expenses associated with funeral and memorial services can also create a heavy burden on many families. So if possible, pre-planning should address the costs and payments associated with any of your arrangements. Final expense insurance, or pre-need funeral insurance, can proved the confidence of knowing that their funeral will be paid for, and that their families will be spared from any financial burden.

How to Begin

Start by having an open conversation with your loved ones about your death and wishes for final A death in the family is a time of mourning - the worries of funeral arrangements and burial services should not be part of the grieving process.arrangements. Your wishes should come first, but remember your choices will have consequences for your survivors. Listen to their wishes and consider their emotional needs. Talk about choices, burial or cremation, memorial services, viewings, visitations, religious focus, and the participation of family and friends.

The next important step is meeting with your clergy, lawyer and funeral director for a complete discussion of your wishes. Ask them for advice and to present options that will help you arrange a service that meets wishes and address the needs of your loved ones.

Address Everything that’s Important to You, and Specific Topics Like

  • Burial, Cremation or Entombment
  • Type of Service: Religious, Non-Sectarian, Military
  • Location of Service, Ceremony, Tribute and Visitation
  • Casket Type: Metal, Wood, Urns or Orthodox
  • Music and Flowers
  • Readings: Favorited Poems, Scripture or Literature
  • Eulogy and Obituary
  • Cemetery Location and Transportation Needs
  • Reception and Catering Arrangements
  • Charitable Donations
  • Location of all Important Documents: Will, Estate Planning and documentation of all personal information like: credit cards, insurance, investments, pensions that will need to be acted on after death

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