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Planning a Successful Visit to a Loved One in Senior Care


Although just dropping by can be a nice surprise for your loved one, a little advanced planning will help to insure a pleasant visit and that your loved one is available and ready to receive visitors. Here are a few proven tips to make everyone’s experience more enjoyable.


Call ahead and make a plan.

Remember your loved one has their own daily routine, so calling ahead will be respectful of their time and schedule. Scheduling your visit will give them something to look forward to and the time to be properly prepared for your time together.


Plan an activity

During your call, ask your love one if there is anything they would like to do during your visit. However you should be prepared to make some suggestions. Your loved one will probably be receptive to having a meal together, playing a board game, doing a puzzle, looking at family photos and videos, sharing family stories, or going for a ride or shopping. Having a planned activity is a great way to spend quality time and to keep the conversation moving without it feeling forced.


Be a good listener

During your visit, it’s important to practice good listening skills and to show a sincere interest in what your loved one has to say. Ask about your loved one’s activities and hobbies. Ask about old friends, as well as any new friends they have made and if you can meet them. Ask about their needs and whether or not there’s anything you can do for them while you are visiting. Ask about their health and happiness, but keep the conversation light and upbeat. If you hear anything of concern, you should probably speak with facility staff members or health care professionals before trying to work out a possible solution with your loved one.


Respect your loved one’s health, agility and energy

Have fun and enjoy your time together, but try not to do too much in a single visit. While your loved one will surely enjoy your visit, remember to plan your time together around their mental and physical needs or limitations.


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