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Help in Making the Right Assisted Living Choice

Senior care facilities offer residents a wide variety of care services and activities designed to meet the health care and lifestyle needs of their residents. To find the right assisted living community it’s critical to do your homework, here’s a listing of things that can help.

List the Wants and Needs of Your Loved One:

Start by making a complete list of you senior’s actual needs and preferences. It may be unrealistic to find a 100% match, so consider prioritizing your list.

  • Is it important for the facility to be near friends and relatives?
  • What types of health and personal care services are needed?
  • What activities and amenities are of interest to your senior?
  • Do you want a community that will allow your loved one to “age in place” by offering services that can address future needs?


Do Your Initial Research:

Look at our list of Jacksonville area Assisted Living and Nursing Home Facilities to see what’s available. Call to schedule a visit and while there ask questions like:

  • Who owns the facility and are they financially sound?
  • How long have they been in business and can they provide you with references?
  • How many residents do they have?
  • What is the staff to resident ratio?
  • Do they provide on-going staff training?
  • Do they have experience dealing with similar physical or mental issues of your loved one?
  • Are planned activities designed to meet the individual needs of residents?
  • Can friends and family visit and eat with loved ones?
  • What are the costs and what financial assistance do they accept?


Visit the Communities:

The most important part of the decision-making process is to visit the facilities that match the needs and wants that you’ve outlined. It’s a good idea to limit your visits to no more than two communities in one day and take notes so you can review the facility tour later. When you visit:

  • Take a complete tour, see everything
  • Ask about resident nutrition and have a meal
  • Ask about safety and security policies and evacuation plans
  • Is the Facility clean, well-lite and have complete security coverage?
  • Ask to see a current activities calendar and ask about customized individual activities
  • Ask about transportation to medical appointments, church, shopping and community events
  • Meet and talk with staff members of all levels. Do they show interest in your senior?
  • Talk with current residents. Do they appear to be happy?
  • Have a detailed conversation about all offered services, costs and fees
  • If you like what you see on your initial tour, make additional visits at different times of the day

Make the Right Assisted Living Choice for You and Your Loved One:

There is no exact science when choosing an assisted living community, but careful planning, research and informed decisions will help you find a place that you will be glad to call home.

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