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Considering Long-term Alzheimer’s and Dementia Care In Jacksonville?

People with Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia will find it increasingly hard to function and live independently as their memory continues to fail. As each day continues to bring new challenges and conditions continue to deteriorate, it’s likely that your loved one will require 24 hour a day professional care.

Selecting a Alzheimer’s or Dementia Care Community in Jacksonville, Orange Park, St Augustine, Amelia Island or Fernandina

Typically, patients suffering with Alzheimer’s and dementia will need assistance with physical tasks like eating, bathing, dressing, and toileting, as well as greater round the clock supervision.

Making the decision to move your loved one to a professional patient care community can be difficult for everyone involved. Keep an open mind and be tolerant of emotions while discussing the Assisted Living options with family and friends. Remember, that once there, your loved one will be receiving professional, round the clock care that will improve both patient safety and quality of life.

Even if you are not yet ready to make an Assisted Living decision, doing some initial will provide you valuable knowledge on local communities and save a lot of time and heartache should a crisis arise.

View Leading Assisted Living Communities in Jacksonville

Exploring Assisted Living Options

Make several Alzheimer’s care facility visits, asking questions about the staffs experience with Alzheimer’s patients and if they receive ongoing Alzheimer’s care training. Also explore the overall environment:

  • Is it clean, well lite and secure?
  • How is the food and are mealtimes supervised?
  • Do other patients seem happy with the surroundings?
  • What is the staff to resident ratio?
  • Do they ask you questions about the history of the patient?
  • Are activities planned based on the patient’s individual interests, physical and mental agility?
  • Are residents escorted outside daily and are there regular outings planned?

Making the Transition to Assisted Living, Alzheimer’s Care

Moving can be a major adjustment for the person with Alzheimer’s, you as their caregiver, other family members and friends. Be sensitive to the fact that your loved one is leaving their home and moving to a new environment with new faces and routines. If you have been the primary in-home caregiver, you will need to transition to becoming the patient’s advocate. Everyone reacts differently, but always give yourself and the Alzheimer’s patient time to adjust to the transition.


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