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Keeping a Seniors Mind Sharp and Ready


Like any muscle in the body, the brain needs to be exercised regularly to stay active and strong. This is especially true for the mental health of seniors, as mental sharpness and overall memory can lessen as we age. Helping an elderly parent or a loved one find ways to stay sharp is a helpful and relatively easy challenge. Here are a few fun ways to sharpen the mind at any age:


Play Computer Games:
There are all sorts of online resources that actively promote mental acuity, ranging from the daily crossword puzzle to apps designed to help improve a users’ memory and logic skills. Today, most computers, tablets and cell phones come loaded with card games, chess and other classic games that can be played even without an internet connection. Even simple games will offer a fun workout for the brain, promoting intelligence and improving mental skills.


Play Games and Join Activities Offered in Senior Care Facilities:

Assisted Living and Nursing Home facilities take great pride in offering organized community activities and games designed for the enjoyment and health of their residents. By taking an active part in these daily activities, your loved one will be mentally active and socially engaged.


Reading and Writing Keeps the Mind Sharp:

Harvard Medical School found that the number one way to maintain good cerebral health is to continue to learn throughout life. Staying up-to-date with news and other current events is an easy way to regularly read and learn new information. Using an e-reader or tablet can offer a much more efficient way to not only keep up with the current events but to also access favorite books. E-readers are easy to use, even for the technically challenged. 

Writing is another excellent way to improve and build mental capacity. Encourage your loved one to write to friends and family and to consider writing a journal of their memories and life experiences. Writing about life long experiences will trigger thoughts of the past and will surely become a valued treasure for your entire family.


Eat Right:
Proper diet has a tremendous impact on mental health of seniors. Eating unhealthy foods can contribute to Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia. At the very least, poor nutrition can lead to lethargy and fatigue and make it less likely that your loved one will be mentally and physically active. Senior Care Facilities take great care in providing nutritional meals designed to the dietary needs of each resident.  
Exercise Regularly:
Challenging the brain is helpful for staying mentally sharp, but eating right and regular exercises will help maintain the brain’s health and natural processes. Exercising is essential for older adults, because it promotes good blood flow and cardiovascular health. High blood pressure, the build-up of plaque and other conditions can stop the brain from functioning at its best. Again Senior Care facilities promote daily exercise and will work to design a program tailored to an individual strength, balance and agility.

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