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Assisted Living – Promoting Good Health for Seniors

We all know that a challenged brain is a happy brain, and an active body is a healthy body. That why Assisted Living facilities are so beneficial to the overall physical and mental health of their senior residence.  Staffed with professional caregivers these senior care facilities provide physical and metal exercises, games and activities designed to engage residents and to get them up and moving.

Professionally staffed and supervised, senior wellness programs provide a greater level of senior involvement than could ever be realized in the home environment. Assisted living facilities provide daily socialization with other residents as well as, a professionally planned social calendar of individual and group activities to enrich each resident’s body, mind and spirit. Many of these programs include both group and individual activities for:

Memory Improvement and Wellness Programs – Designed to support and maintain memory and overall brain fitness:

  • Book Clubs
  • Brain Teasers
  • Current Event Discussions
  • Memory Games
  • Word Games

Physical Fitness and Body Wellness Programs – Designed to improve overall wellness, vitality and endurance, strength and flexibility, lung function and circulatory health.

  • Aerobics Exercises
  • Dance and Balance Classes
  • Field Trips
  • Flexibility Training
  • In -Chair Exercises
  • Low-Impact Exercises
  • Organized Walks
  • Strength Training, using Light Weights and Bands

Stimulating Creative Programs – Designed to enrich the mind and spirit.

  • Art Classes
  • Book Club
  • Culinary Arts
  • Drama Club
  • Garden Club
  • Music Programs
  • Pet Visits
  • Religious Services and Study
  • Shopping and Movie Theater Trips
  • Theater Group
  • Yoga Classes

Jacksonville seniors are fortunate to have so many highly rated Assisted Living choices offering a wide variety of services in support of mind and body wellness. Participation in activities like those listed above has shown to improve quality of life, improve mobility and overall health, guard against depression, vent frustration and lessen the feelings of anger, loss and loneliness.

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