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In Home Respite Care Offers Needed Relief for Caregivers

Family caregivers take pride in the care they provide to their loved ones in the comfort of their own home. Unfortunately for the caregiver, providing this ongoing care can create physical, mental and emotional demands that can quickly become overwhelming. Caregiving is a difficult job and very few people are properly equipped to do it alone. That’s why respite care is so important.

“Respite Care” is the provision for professional short-term, temporary relief for those who are providing care for family members or loved ones who might otherwise require permanent placement in a nursing home or long term care facility.

Temporary in home respite care will provide much needed breaks from the daily routine of caregiving and is known to relieve stress and restore energy to both the patient and caregiver alike. Respite care has also shown to help sustain the health, wellbeing and mental attitude of family caregivers reducing the likelihood of abuse and neglect, and avoiding or delaying out-of-home Nursing Home care. Whether it’s for a few hours a week, or several days for that well deserved vacation or just time with your family, respite care is essential to the health and happiness of all.

In home care is popular for obvious reasons. The temporary assisted living caregiver comes to your home, and gets to know the care receiver in their normal environment. They learn the patient and family routine, where medicines are stored and their dosage schedule. Just as importantly, using an in home caregiver will ensure the care receiver is not inconvenienced by needing to be transportation to and stay in a strange environment.

In Home Respite Care Professional Provide Help

  • Personal Care – bathing, grooming, toileting and dressing
  • Medications
  • Light housekeeping – laundry, dishes and fresh linens
  • Food Shopping – meal preparation and feeding
  • Errands – prescription pickup, dry cleaning, etc.
  • Appointment setting
  • Transportation and companionship to from appointments and social activities
  • Companionship

Interviewing an In Home Respite Care Provider:

Although you may be anxious for a break, taking time to find the right person is essential for your peace of mind and your loved one’s safety. Make sure you:

  • Always include the care recipient in the interview process.
  • Conduct an in-depth interview with each candidate. Pre-screening applicants over the phone will save time, but should always be followed with a personal interview.
  • Be specific about all the needed tasks, skills, daily and weekly schedules.
  • Discuss compensation and payment schedules, but don’t pay for services in advance.
  • Request several work and personal references, and carefully check them. Verify all the information provided, and ask all references about the reliability, trustworthiness, punctuality, and the care provider’s ability to provide excellent in home care.
  • Make sure all parties are happy with the decision.


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