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Holiday Visits to Loved Ones in Assisted Living

Seniors at Holidays


A time of joy, the holidays bring up memories of family, home and established traditions. Unfortunately, the holidays may also be a sad time for loved ones living in assisted living, nursing home and senior care facilities.  As the holiday season is quickly approaching it’s time to start visits and how you and your family can take part in the holiday festivities planned by your loved ones care facility.  Here are just a few ways to help celebrate the holidays with loved ones in assisted living.


Get a holiday event schedule and speak with the staff.  

Senior care communities plan numerous events and activities throughout the holiday season to keep residents engaged and active. An event schedule will help you to identify specific events that can be enjoyed by your family members of all ages.  Events can range from tree decorating, visiting singers, religious services, to craft making events designed for the grandchildren.


Help with holiday shopping and cards.

Gift giving and writing holiday cards is a tradition most seniors look forward to enjoying. Help them by taking them shopping, and offering to wrap gifts, address and seal envelopes, and dropping everything in the mail.


Help decorate their room.

The assisted living community is your loved one’s home, and their living space should reflect the joy of the season. Bring in favorite decorations they have enjoyed the past to brighten their room with holiday memories.


Look at holiday photos.

Creating a photo album; scrap book or digital slideshow of past holidays can be a wonderful way to bring joy and engage with loved ones. Putting these together can be fun for all, and looking at photos is one of the best ways to bring back memories, even for those suffering from memory loss.


Bring in favorite holiday goodies.

Your loved one will probably reminisce about certain foods or desserts they always enjoyed during the holiday season. Even though assisted living communities offer delicious meals and all sorts of treats to residents, your loved one probably has a personal favorite from their past. Ask your loved one what they would enjoy having, and bring it to them. Consider asking them for a favorite recipe or if appropriate, have them help with the preparation.


Plan a family holiday outing.

If your loved one is safely mobile, consider attending a religious service or other holiday events around town. Outings are big events for seniors, so be patient and allow plenty of time to keep your loved one from feeling any anxiety or stress.


Visiting loved ones in assisted living communities over the holiday season should be an enjoyable time for everyone involved. It’s a time for us to remember what the season is all about.  You presence will reassure your loved one that you are thinking about them and want to include them in family activities.

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