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Helping Jacksonville Seniors Prepare for the Hurricane Season.

During the 2017 hurricanes many Jacksonville seniors were not only fearful, but found it necessary to be evacuated from their home. Family members and caregivers can help to eliminate this fear and uncertainty of the hurricane season by having a simple stay-at-home or evacuation plan in place.

Here are things you can do to help eliminate stress and prepare your loved ones to be safe and emotional stability during natural disasters.

  • Create an emergency plan: Meet with family, friends, caregivers and your loved ones to discuss a plan of action, should a disaster strike. Determine an evacuation plan and discuss all the things you will need if you’re staying or leaving the home. Remember to address any physical or mobility limitations of your senior loved ones.
  • If your loved one is living in an assisted living or nursing home facility, understand their evacuation policy and communicate it in detail to your loved one.
  • Have a communication plan. Creating a call list will keep everyone informed and ready. Don’t forget to keep out-of-town family and friends updated and where you are, both during and after the storm.
  • Give a house key to a neighbor and other family members.
  • Whether to Stay or Go – Monitor news reports often to learn of mandatory evacuations. Create list of hotels and shelters along your probable evacuation route, and friend or family member you can stay with.

Prepare an Emergency Supply Kit. FEMA suggest that seniors must be prepared with ample supplies, for three to five days.

  • Have at least one gallon of drinking water per person, per day.
  • A three day supply of non-perishable food, a can opener, eating utensils and a favorite snack.
  • Paper plates, air tight plastic containers, garbage bags and bleach.
  • Comfortable clothing, towels and blanket.
  • Cash, Checkbook, ATM and Credit Cards.
  • Dependable flashlights, battery powered lantern and radio and extra batteries.
  • Up-to-date first aid kit, healthcare supplies and insurance cards.
  • Properly stored prescriptions and hygiene supplies for at least one week.
  • Current prescriptions dosages and any treatment information.
  • Eyeglasses, hearing aids, oxygen, hand sanitizer, wipes, and incontinence supplies.
  • Remember a book, deck of cards or a favorite game.
  • Consider taking emergency documents stored in a waterproof container. Have document copies of power of attorney, wills, bank information, social security card, birth certificate, deeds, do not resuscitate orders, and contact information for medical providers and pharmacies.
  • Don’t forget to pack food, water and a favorite toy for the pets and learn what shelters will accept them.

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