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Helping Your Loved One Adjust to Assisted Living or Nursing Home Living in Jacksonville

Moving into an assisted living or nursing home facility will bring about lifestyle changes and can create doubt in the mind of your loved one. It should be expected that when transitioning into any senior care facility, the lack of familiarity with both the living environment and the other residents can be quite intimidating. Here are some tips that can help your loved one make a comfortable, smooth and successful transition into their new home and lifestyle.

How Family and Friends Can Help

  • Don’t feel guilty:
    Often, family members and friends feel guilty about placing loved ones into senior care facilities. Guilt will not do anyone any good. Remember your loved one is there to receive the round the clock help and care they need, and that your decision is ultimately the best solution best for all.
  • Keep in touch:
    During the first several weeks, make frequent visits and calls. Let your loved one know you care and are thinking of them, and that you want them to feel safe and secure in their new home. Be positive; ask questions about how they are enjoying the new surroundings and meals. Ask what activities they have been involved with and who they have met. Be specific about when you plan to stop in for a visit, and if there is anything they need.
  • Encourage socialization, but don’t’ hold their hand:
    Make sure your loved one is socializing and getting involved in the community. When visiting, eat a meal and attend activities to ensure that they are meeting new people. Although it’s important to visit and call to monitor the status of the transition, family members that visit too often may inhibit a senior’s independence. Spending time with family is important, but if all their time is spent with family, they will not feel the need to make new friends and getting involved in the community like they should.
  • Bring personal items.
    In order to make your loved ones new residence feel like a home, bringing the personal items they care about. Bring items that have personal meaning, including pictures, books, games, and hobby supplies, etc.

How the Assisted Living Staff Will Help

The staff plays a critical role during the adjustment period. In many facilities, new resident orientations are held to help the resident get acquainted with their new home and other residents. Staff members will also have individual meetings with the new resident to explain their particular role in the facility and what that means to the resident.

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