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Finding the Right Home Care in St. Augustine

If you or a loved one needs home care assistance in St. Augustine or 24 hour care it’s important to feel comfortable with the caregiver you will be inviting into your life and home.

Whether it’s a full or part time homemaker companion, rehabilitation therapist or licensed nurse it can sometimes be a challenge to allow a “stranger” into your home possibly interrupting your daily routine. Remember, these care professionals are there to provide the expert home care assistance that allows you to continue living in own home at an optimal level of independence, health, mobility and safety.

At the beginning of any home care relationship you are basically asking a stranger into your home to provide the help you need. Although this person might start out as a stranger the hope is that they will quickly develop a long lasting one-on-one connection with their new companion. This relationship makes the search for the right in-home care provider very important and not something that should be taken lightly.

Establish the Needs

The first step in selecting the right St. Augustine home care provider is to assess your specific needs. Depending on your circumstance, a caregiver may be in your home for as little as 30 minutes or may be there full time if required.

Personal care workers provide help that could include tasks like dressing, feeding and bathing, or help with household chores like grocery shopping, cleaning and some general maintenance chores. This type of specialist will spend several hours a day with a client at least once a week, several days a week or possibly every day.

If the situation calls for specific medical care, the provider should be a licensed professional nurse, certified nurse’s assistant or physical therapist. These St. Augustine home care givers typically spend the shortest amount of time in your home. Essentially they are only visiting your home long enough to work through whatever treatment has been prescribed by your doctor.

Getting the Right Fit

When you bring a St. Augustine home care provider into your life the hope is that they possess all the needed skills and have the warm and caring nature to interact well with the care recipient and family.

You will want to interview a few home care providers before making your selection. The last thing you want is to have tension or uncertainty in this relationship. Remember, you are looking for an individual that is capable and has the right personality for you and your loved one. It’s important to remember, the more your loved one is involved in the process, the more they’ll be able to accept allowing someone into their home to provide the required help.

Check the References

When hiring a St. Augustine home care specialist you should do a thorough check of their references. Don’t just accept the fact that they have a list of phone numbers you can call, make the calls! Hearing how other families and seniors have interacted interactive with your potential caregiver can help you make an informed decision.

Home care in St. Augustine

See the many choices listed in the Northeast Florida Seniors Guide. These companies will do everything in their power to match the right in home care giver to you specific situation and needs.

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