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Finding the Right In-Home Care Provider in Jacksonville, Orange Park and St. Augustine

If You Need In-Home Care Assistance it’s Important to Feel Comfortable with the Caregiver You’ll be Inviting into Your Life and Home.

Whether it’s a full or part time caregiver, rehabilitation therapist or licensed nurse it’s important to make an informed choice. In-home care professionals are there to provide the skilled care assistance that allows you or your loved to continue living in your own home at an the highest level of independence, health, mobility and safety.

At the beginning of any in-home care relationship you are essentially asking a stranger into your home to provide the help and care you need. This person

might start out as a stranger, but in time will develop a long lasting, one-on-one connection with your loved one. Identifying the right caregiver is an important decision that should not be taken lightly.

If You Need In-Home Care Assistance in Jacksonville it’s Important to Feel Comfortable with the Caregiver You’ll be Inviting into Your Life and Home.

Establishing Your In-Home Care Needs

The first step in selecting the correct in-home care provider is to identify your specific needs, schedule and budget. Typically, personal care providers help with tasks like, feeding, bathing, dressing and help with chores like grocery shopping, cleaning and even general maintenance. If your situation requires specific medical care, the provider should be a licensed nurse, certified nurse’s assistant or physical therapist, capable of providing the treatment prescribed by your doctor.

Finding an In-home Care Professional

Start by tell other family members of your plans for in-home care. Listen to and respect their opinions. Ask them, as well as, friends, doctors and clergy if they can recommend anyone. The care recipient’s doctor can be a great asset here, as they have a detailed understanding of your loved ones conditions, medication requirement and ongoing needs for care.

Identifying the Right Fit for In-Home Care

When bringing a care provider into your life, they will need to possess all your needed skills, personality and the warm and caring nature to interact with the care recipient and the entire family.  It’s important that you interview as many in-home care providers as necessary, until finding the right fit.  When conducting interviews, ask about specific experience, similar patients they have cared for, talk about work schedules, salary and tax withholding, and flexibility of routine. To eliminate any future tension, and encourage a strong care relationship, it’s important to involve the care recipient in as aspects of the interview process as possible.

Ask for References and Check Them All

When considering an in-home care provider, ask for professional and personal references and carefully check them all. To help make an informed decision, be open and honest about your specific needs with the reference and ask how other families and seniors have interacted with your potential caregiver.

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