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Enjoying the Holidays with Loved Ones in Senior Care

Everyone enjoys being included in holiday activities. It’s all about spending special times together, feeling included, and enjoying the good company of family and friends.

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It’s important to encourage older adults to join in the holiday activities whenever possible, but be careful not to overdo it.  Always pace activities and modify them to align with the energy level and physical and mental needs of your loved one. Be on the lookout for signs of lost interest, irritability or fatigue and proactively suggest taking breaks or an afternoon nap to revitalize participation. If your senior loved one has Alzheimer’s or other forms dementia, consider modify activities even further to avoid overstimulation, agitation or confusion.


Festive holiday activities to enjoy with seniors:

The holidays can be lots of fun for senior loved ones even if they have physical or cognitive limitations.  Remember, the holiday activities you plan to enjoy with your senior don’t have to be overly exciting to be special and meaningful. Simply including your senior loved one will bring joy to their holiday season.

  • Reassure your loved one that they won’t be forgotten by telling them that you’ll be celebrating the holidays with them. Plan a schedule that meets the needs of your senior’s daily routine and stick to it. Try to arrange a family visit when everyone can eat, open gifts and spend meaningful time together
  • Decorate their room together. Buy a small or tabletop tree, or if space is an issue, use garland to make a tree-shaped outline on the wall and attach some of their favorite ornaments. Place a few decorations around the room, and hang a festive wreath on the door. If possible, consider baking some cookies or making decoration together
  • Help them to purchase and wrap gifts and to address holiday card
  • Accompany them to a holiday activity or meals hosted by the Assisted Living community
  • Sing along or listen to holiday songs together
  • Watch a cheerful holiday movie or attend a holiday play or musical
  • Do a holiday themed jigsaw puzzle or work on coloring book together
  • Leisurely stroll around the mall or drive around the neighborhood and admire the holiday decorations
  • Enjoy a favorite holiday meal at a restaurant your senior would enjoy.


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