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Clues That Your Senior Loved One Needs More Help

All too often seniors that need additional help with different aspects of their daily lives are reluctant to ask for additional assistance.  It’s important for family members and caregivers to be aware of the warning signs that may indicate it’s time to consider a move to an assisted living, nursing home, and senior care facility.

Important Signs to Look For

No Longer Socializing

Noticing that your once outgoing loved one isn’t getting together with friends and with other family members as often as they once did, could be a sign of withdrawal. This could be a fear of dressing for the visit, driving, pride, or feeling they have nothing to offer the group. Gently ask them about their reluctance to see if you can help, and to discover what might be behind the problem.

Not Eating Like They Used To

Sudden weight loss or not keeping food in the house the way they used to may be a sign that your loved one is experiencing an eating disorder or just having trouble keeping up their routine. It’s very possible that they are no longer interested in, or unable to cook the way they once did. Sudden weight loss should be mentioned to the doctor to see if there are any serious problems that should be attended too. Also, offer to take them to the grocery store and offer help with meal preparation.

Not Able to Keep up the House

Are you starting to notice that your loved one who used to keep the house in order and clean is starting to let some chores go unattended? This could be a sign that they are not able to keep up with the many details of the house any longer. They may not even notice the situation or admit to the changes, but it’s important to make them aware for the situation and to offer your help.

Letting Mail Pile Up

When your loved one starts to let mail accumulate, it could be that they don’t want to, or just can’t deal with it anymore. They could also be avoiding the mail because of money issues or just can’t remember that there is mail that needs to dealt with regularly. They may need your help to ensure timely bill payment and other issues are not slipping through the cracks.

Not Making it to Appointments

Is your loved one making important appointments, or maybe just not showing up to them at all? Either way, this could be an indication that they are afraid to leave the home, don’t want to drive, or just forgetting that an appointment was made in the first place. Offer you help in scheduling appointments and provide a helping hand in getting them there safely and on time.

Is it Time to Consider a Move?

If your loved one has progressed to the point that they can no longer live safely in their home, then it may be time to consider professional senior care. See leading Assisted Living, Nursing Home, and Senior Care facilities in Jacksonville, Orange Park, Ponte Verda and Saint Augustine.

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