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Challenges Facing Family Caregivers and How Respite Care Can Help

For many, family caregiving can be a rewarding experience, but it’s not uncommon for the caregiver to face challenges that leave them feeling overwhelmed, anxious and exhausted by their 24/7 duties. Common caregiver challenges include:

Time Management: Caregivers typically have less time for themselves and other family members. They will often sacrifice the things they enjoy, like family vacations, social activities and balancing their career schedule.

Emotional and Physical Well-Being: Caregiving is a true act of love, but can easily take a toll on the emotional and physical heath of the family care provider. Often caregivers find that their own health gets worse as a result of the daily demands and stress surrounding the care of a loved one. Family caregivers are often at high risk of feeling isolated and depression.

Lack of Personal Time and Privacy: Assuming caregiving duties will immediately affect your personal time. It will put you on the schedule of your loved one and makes it all but impossible to avoid round the clock interruptions.

Lack of Sleep: Sleep deprivation is often a big issue for family caregivers who are frequently required to burn the proverbial candle at both ends. 

Financial Strain: Most family caregivers are unpaid. It is not uncommon that this will cause them to experience some degree of financial strain especially when caregiving duties take them away from their paying job.

Not Asking for Help: It’s important to maintain a balance between caregiving and your own life. Caregiving is a tiresome round the clock responsibility and asking for help is not a sign of weakness. Don’t be afraid to ask others for help or consider using one of the many Respite Care Facilities in greater Jacksonville.



Respite Care Allows Seniors to Test the Waters of Jacksonville Assisted Living or Senior Care Facilities

If your attempts to discuss or visit an Assisted Living community have fallen on deaf ears, you may find that scheduling a short respite stay is just the answer. Once seeing a senior care community and experiencing all it has to offer, many seniors will change their way thinking about the viability of assisted living or nursing home communities. These facilities are a terrific way to provide peer companionship; appropriate levels of care, senior activities, and the expertise of a professional skilled staff on hand 24 hours a day.


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