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Rehabilitation Care

We help connect seniors to rehabilitation care services in and around Jacksonville including:Orange Park, Ponte Vedra, and St. Augustine

Bringing Your Senior Home from the Hospital

When a senior has been hospitalized with a serious injury or illness, it can be difficult to bring them back to their home and their daily routines, especially when they require additional medical care. This can be a serious problem, as most people are far from recovered when they leave the hospital. In fact, about […]

Time to Consider Assisted Living?

Assisted Living and Nursing Home facilities in Jacksonville provide diverse living options combining the best in senior housing, support services, and round the clock peace-of-mind. Assisted Living and Nursing Home facilities enrich the lives of seniors with professionally planned programs that promote independence and dignity of life for each of their residents. Trained and caring […]

Recognizing the Difference between Normal Age-Related Memory Loss and Dementia

We all forget things almost every day. We’ve all forgotten items at the grocery store, mislaid our eye glasses and key, forget to call someone back, or have trouble recalling the name of last night’s movie. No big deal, that’s normal age-related memory loss, affectionately known as a “senior moment”.” But there is a point […]

Assisted Living Communities in Jacksonville Create Fun Activities to Help Families Communicate With Loved Ones

Assisted Living Activities are More than Bingo and Afternoon Tea Sure, bingo is fun, and daily socialization is enjoyed by all, but assisted living “events planning” goes far beyond that.  In today’s world, care facilities provide Internet and Email access and WiFi to keep residents connected, and a broad array of learning activities and workshops tailored […]

Pre-Planning Your Memorial and Burial Arrangements Will Ease the Burden on Your Family

Life involves planning and preparations, and the planning of your final arrangements should be no different. A death in the family is a time of great emotional pain and mourning, the worries of last-minute funeral arrangements and burial services should not become part of the grieving process. Taking responsibly for planning your memorial and burial […]

Skilled Rehabilitation Care Center in Jacksonville

The ultimate goal of any Jacksonville Rehab Care Center is to help each patient achieve the highest level of function and to return home as quickly and safely as possible. Whether someone has suffered a fall, had an accident or stroke or is recovering from surgery, a rehab community will work to help each person overcome […]

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