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Caregiver Stress and You

In home caregiving for a senior loved one can be very fulfilling. It strengthens the bond between the two of you and often gives your loved one something to look forward to each day. However, as rewarding as it may be, you can’t forget to look after yourself. Caregiving requires round the clock patience that can easily turn into stress, which if left unchecked will impact your overall mental and physical health, well-being and lifestyle.

Caring for Yourself Makes for Quality Caregiving:

You must allow yourself to take a break from the never ending demands of caregiving. This can mean going on a vacation or simply taking a one day break to rest and escape from your normal caregiving routine. Never be ashamed to ask other family members or professional Respite Caregivers for help.  Also, remember that many Assisted Living and Nursing Home communities offer short-term stay options that can give you a much needed a break from your daily caregiver duties.

Recognizing Your Stress is Key:

Caregiver stress is often a result of the emotions you feel over your loved ones condition. Allowing these feeling to grow will have a negative effect on your own health and can easily affect your relations with other family members, and the person you are caring for.  Accept the situation, and don’t waste your time or energy worrying about situations you can’t change. Keep a positive attitude and focus on things you have control over, like the loving care and daily companionship you are providing to your loved one.

Give Yourself a Break:

If you are feeling overwhelmed, frustrated or tired, it’s important to take a break to relieve the many stresses of caregiving while juggling other family responsibilities, or even your career. Remember, you should not be afraid to ask others family members, friends or professional caregivers to temporary help! You can help to relieve stress, and maintain your mental and physical health by making time to enjoy hobbies, visiting with friends or just getting away for even a few hours each week. Neglecting your own well-being can quickly become an issue if you aren’t careful, so try setting aside time each day to exercise, even with the person you are caring for, eating well and getting plenty of rest will go a long way toward keeping you healthy, physically fit and providing better care.

Quality Caregiver Help is Available:

Consider attending a caregiver seminar, hiring professional Respite Care provides, or arranging a short term stay with any of the fine Assisted Living or Nursing Home facilities available in Jacksonville, Orange Park, Ponte Vedra, and St. Augustine. These senior care facilities provide a safe and caring environment, healthy meals, engaging social activities as well as help with medications and any specific personal needs.

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