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Bringing Your Senior Home from the Hospital

When a senior has been hospitalized with a serious injury or illness, it can be difficult to bring them back to their home and their daily routines, especially when they require additional medical care. This can be a serious problem, as most people are far from recovered when they leave the hospital. In fact, about 20 percent of Medicare patients are re-hospitalized within 30 days of discharge, to address both new and ongoing health issues.

With such a high percentage of re-hospitalization, it is important for caregivers to prepare and to make the transition home as informed and comfortable as possible.

Caregivers should be active in the discharge process of their loved one. It’s important to understand why their loved one was in the hospital in the first place, as well as the procedures and treatment they received. Caregivers and family members should also make sure that they speak in detail to healthcare providers about what in-home care they will need to provide, as well as symptoms to look for both for recovery and for worsening of the condition. Caregivers will also need to know about the medications that their loved one will be taking, and the schedule for each, as well as knowing of any dietary or lifestyle restrictions.

This can be an extremely stress filled time for the main caregiver and for the entire family. So remember, there is nothing wrong with calling your loved ones medical team with any questions or concerns. The healthcare team is available round the clock to answer any question or address any of your concerns.

Consider placing your loved one in a Jacksonville Respite Care, Assisted Living, Nursing Home Facilities or hiring an In-Home Care professional to provide you with a much needed rest, time for a family vacation or just to get away. Separation of patient and caregiver has proven to be beneficial to the health and emotional well-being for all.

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