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Best Social Activities for Seniors in Jacksonville

We all know how important social activities are to stimulate the minds of young children, but did you also know how important they are for our aging family members? Encouraging seniors to stay mentally active and social helps them stay healthy, keep a positive attitude and extend their quality of life. Regular social contact can keep minds alert, and improve emotional health and cognitive function. It can even help stave off depression and some forms of dementia.

In addition to mental health, regular social interaction fosters a sense of connection and community, and can encourage physical health. Jacksonville, Orange Park and St. Augustine all offer senior-focused activities, both inside assisted living facilities and out in the senior living communities. Adult senior centers, churches and community education classes are also good sources of activity ideas.


Learn a New Hobby – From playing an instrument to honing a craft, learning a new hobby is a great way to foster a feeling of accomplishment while engaging with others who share similar interests. Enjoy the expression of a senior art class or keep sharp by learning the latest technologies.

Get Physical – Exercising the body is as important as exercising the mind. Keeping fit can minimize many risks associated with aging: weight gain, heart disease, chronic disease, and loss of balance. Group classes also encourage regular social interaction, and all activity can help calm an active mind.

Pass It On – Those who no longer do, can teach! Your loved one has made their whole life perfecting a career, and the best way to utilize that knowledge is to pass it along to the next generation. Becoming a mentor, advising community business owners, or teaching a class can not only keep your senior active, but highlight their unique skills. It is one of the best ways to see them continue to shine in the community. 

Volunteer – While some volunteer positions may require more physical abilities than your senior is capable of, there are many other activities to keep them engaged, active and social. Many North Florida nonprofits rely heavily on volunteers to remain afloat and this need can give your loved one a truly valuable sense of purpose. Many civic and fraternal organizations have regular meetings in addition to their volunteer efforts, doubling the opportunities for Jacksonville seniors to get socially active.



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