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Assisted Living and Senior Care Facilities in Jacksonville

Assisted Living and Nursing Home facilities provide a warm and welcoming atmosphere for seniors. In addition to helping with daily needs, medications, and appointments, a healthy diet and secure senior living environment, Jacksonville senior care facilities go the extra mile to encourage daily activities to keep residents healthy, happy and to develop a sense of independence.     

 Individual and Group Exercise Plans for Seniors

Daily physical activity and exercise has a long list of know health benefits for people of all ages, especially seniors. Regular exercise has proven to empower senior to continue doing the things they love, while keeping the body fit and preventing or minimizing the many risks associated with things like chronic disease, weight gain, heart disease and dementia.

Assisted Living facility offer both group and individually designed exercise programs to help seniors stay loose, limber, and mobile while increasing their overall range of motion stability and balance, and giving a sense of daily accomplishment while calming the mind.

Enjoy a New or Lifelong Hobby or Game

Exercising the mind is just as important as exercising the body. Assisted Living and Nursing Homes encourage residents to continue with theirs favorite hobby or discover a new one. 

Hobbies are a wonderful way to make new friends and to inspire social interaction. Through planned events and classes, senior care residents have the opportunity to be exposed to new hobbies, games and group activities on a daily basis. 

It’s About More than Bridge or Afternoon Tea

Keep a positive outlook and focusing on the good things in life; Assisted Living facilities take a proactive approach to creating a happy and healthy senior lifestyle. Senior care facilities in Jacksonville, Orange Park and St. Augustine offer numerous group activities and classes that encourage seniors to stay healthy, mentally active, express independence, keep a positive attitude and shine. 

See leading Senior Living facilities in and around Jacksonville including: Orange Park, Ponte Vedra, and St. Augustine

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