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Are 55+ Communities a Good Choice for Seniors in Jacksonville?

Retirement communities, also known as 55+ communities, are a smart choice for active seniors in Jacksonville who need a change, but are not yet ready for assisted living.  For seniors that are self-sufficient, and do not require nursing or memory care, a 55+ community can marry their need for an active lifestyle with the convenience of nearby services. These retirement communities are mostly kid-free, but it’s important to make sure your loved ones are welcome to visit. The rules and regulations can vary by community, so research to find the best fit. If you need help determining if a 55+ community is right for you, we have partners who can provide a free assessment.


Are there maintenance-free 55+ communities in Jacksonville?

Downsizing a home and reducing maintenance costs are the primary reason most seniors move to a 55+ community. Most 55+ communities provide low cost or maintenance-free exteriors and grounds. House sizes are often smaller and more manageable, and many even encourage golf cart use instead of cars, thereby limiting maintenance there, too. In addition to fewer home maintenance tasks, active seniors often have access to on-site social and fitness services in a more relaxed and age-friendly environment.


Do 55+ communities in Northeast Florida offer social activities?

Yes, most 55+ communities have a wide selection of well-planned, fun social activities that allow seniors to live independently while still making new friends with other individuals with similar interests. Even better, with these activities being on-site, seniors don’t need to travel far or at night to enjoy them. Common amenities are golf courses, swimming pools, tennis courts, bocce ball courts, fitness centers and clubhouses. Communities often have clubs and organizations for like-minded people to gather. Some may even provide laundry, concierge or transportation services.


Can I live in a 55+ community in Jacksonville or St. Augustine if I have a younger spouse?

In short, yes, but it is important to check the guidelines for each community. Commonly, if at least one household member is over age 55, there may be an allowance for a younger spouse, or even a live-in child that is over the age of 18. Grandchildren are welcome for short-term visits, but you’ll need to check if there is a maximum number of days your guests are allowed to stay.


What happens if I get sick in a 55+ community?

55+ communities don’t have medical professionals on site, so if you need regular care, a retirement or nursing home may be a better choice. If you are worried about a health emergency, be sure to check into the proximity of hospital facilities before making your decision.

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