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Assisted Living Communities in Jacksonville Create Fun Activities to Help Families Communicate With Loved Ones

Assisted Living Activities are More than Bingo and Afternoon Tea

Sure, bingo is fun, and daily socialization is enjoyed by all, but assisted living “events planning” goes far beyond that.  In today’s world, care facilities provide Internet and Email access and WiFi to keep residents connected, and a broad array of learning activities and workshops tailored to the individuals’ mental capabilities and overall mobility. Just as importantly, they design activities that encourage family members and friends, of all ages, to visit with and communicate with their loved one.

Whether you are accompanying your loved one on a field trip, participating in games or learning activities your regular involvement is critical to the mental and physical well-being of your loved one, and your own peace of mind.

Be a Fun Guest and Active ParticipantParticipating in games or learning activities is critical to the mental and physical well-being of your loved one, and your own peace of mind.

When you visit, remember you’re there to express your love, enrich a life and have fun.

  • Always exercise patients, show genuine caring and concern.
  • Show interest, be an active participant and offer to take a lead role in the planned activity.
  • Keep your conversation light, by avoiding any topics or family drama that could be upsetting.
  • Show respect and never give orders.
  • Never assume you know, ask meaningful questions
  • Talk and ask about your loved ones memories and the events of their current life.
  • Offer choices whenever possible, don’t dictate the answers or your personal demands.
  • Meet all your loved one’s friends and show interest in their lives.
  • Take a good look at the facility, with an eye to patient comfort and safety.
  • Eat a meal with your loved one and ask about how they’re enjoying the menu.
  • Talk with staff members about how your loved one is doing, and their overall plan of care.
  • Communicate all your observations, and any concerns to staff members.
  • Ask about and show excitement for future activities.
  • Ask your loved one what you can bring on your next visit
  • Have fun, laugh and enjoy yourself and your loved one will too.

More than activity planning, assisted living and nursing home facilities in Jacksonville, Orange Park and St. Augustine do a great job of providing a professional and loving environment for the care of our senior loved ones. These senior care facilities are experts at providing round the clock care and security, professional assistance with medications, and personal care needs like bathing, toileting and dressing, appointment setting and transportation.

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