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A Multimedia Company Representing Retirement Communities, Assisted Living, Nursing Centers/ Rehabilitation, In Home Care: Companionship to Skilled in Home Care as Well as Valuable Resources, Products & Services for Seniors & Their Adult Children

“Our Seniors Guide – A Simple Way to Begin a Difficult Conversation”

In spite of an inauspicious beginning; Our Seniors Guide was born on September 14th 1999 in the midst of hurricane Floyd wreaking havoc on our beautiful NE Florida. Our Seniors Guide.com, Inc is the same small, independently owned business it was then, and gratefully the Our Seniors Guide.com, Inc and NE Florida have enjoyed mostly sunny days and far less chaos than Floyd brought us ever since!

Our company’s message has remained the same since 1999- it’s not about us, it’s about the seniors, their adult children and the sponsors who cause Our Seniors Guide to be the complete resource it is and, further, the sponsors make it available in hard cover, on this website, even on your mobile device! Indeed Our Seniors Guide is used by real estate agents, agencies who aid seniors and their caregivers, hospital discharge planners, emergency room personnel and primary care referral nurses. All these professionals find Our Seniors Guide to be indispensable for aiding seniors and their families- whether in times of happy change when the long-anticipated reward of retirement is being considered or in times when families are facing difficult questions they have not had to consider before. Our sponsors intend to be there when any of those questions arise.

The owner of Our Seniors Guide.com, Inc – Brenda E. Badger- along with her indispensable team of graphic folks, tech experts and distribution people- hope that your experience with Our Seniors Guide.com, Inc answers all your questions and supplies you with the support you need as you travel your journey of discovering great cultural events, the knowledge offered by Elder Law Attorneys, downsizing experts and Hospices. Perhaps you are seeking Active Adult Retirement Communities in Jacksonville, Active Adult Retirement Communities in Orange Park, or Active Adult Retirement Communities in St Augustine. You may be searching for an Assisted Living Community in Jacksonville, an Assisted Living Community in Orange Park or an Assisted Living Community in St Augustine. Maybe your search should include Jacksonville Home Care companies who serve all of NE Florida, Memory Care Communities in Jacksonville, Memory Care Communities in Orange Park and Memory Care Communities in St Augustine. It could be that you are looking ahead and pre-choosing a Jacksonville Nursing Home/ Rehabilitation Community, a Nursing Home/ Rehabilitation Community in Orange Park or a Nursing Home/ Rehabilitation Community in St Augustine.

Wherever you are on life’s journey we hope Our Seniors Guide is just that – Your Guide!

We would always welcome your feedback!

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